flotsam, there is something wrong with me

My spidey sense is broken

Usually I am a compendium of birthday knowledge. My NJ family – all of them – were so neatly filed away with no need of social media to remind me. I know them all.

I do. I swear I do. I almost feel the coming birthdays. I might get calendar-distracted so that I don’t know what day it actually is, so that I wake up a day later realizing the date and slapping my forehead… but I know what birthday is when.

Or I did. I do! Maybe?

But it seems like this pandemic has finally broken something in me. I don’t seem to know what month it is.

Like, April always has a hum of birthdays, but I spent days mentally reminding myself of the people I need to contact on April 5 for their birthday.

Which would be fine.

Except I was thinking of my friend with the FEBRUARY 5th birthday. Who I love dearly and hope to God in all His goodness that I didn’t actually forget to wish her happy birthday at the time.

But then I start racking my brain wondering who else I’ve missed and it’s like I can’t remember how months work … and that doesn’t bode well. I’m popping the wrong kids in. No that’s April but the 24th. And that other one, is the 10th … but of June.

I do know the days. I know the months.

Do I know where we are in this year?

What is happening to me?

Well, if you’ve had a birthday and I missed it, I’m really sorry. I can’t seem to brain.

Cousin Mahk, I do know it is your birthday today and I hope it’s happy. Hannah David Abby Mark Pete … and others, oh gracious… I know your days are coming. I really really do.

But I’d better wish you happy birthday now, while I still know it’s April.

Hope it’s happy 🎂