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The virtual beauties of Ireland

It’s the rain that makes it so amazingly green. I was there one autumn, packed for northern climes and expected rain.

Google Street View courtesy of the Conqueror app

And it was all of that at first. We went to the Cliffs of Moher and literally could not see them for the mist. They were just a rush of sound and a perilous potential fall in an impenetrable white nothingness that surrounded us.

We trekked on and for the next day or two, every stop was a wet one. The things I have no decent pics of, because of the rain on camera, and the rain on windows. I am glad I was there, glad I saw them. I just can’t share them here with you.

Shortly after though, it all dried out and for days and days it was bright sun and an actual heat wave. None of us had the right clothes for a heat wave. Most of the hotels had no air conditioning because that’s not a normal need.

But still, it was a grand time and a beautiful place — and I miss it, as I take these virtual glimpses.