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Solo mission NW: concluding in the Columbia River Gorge

I’m in the final twenty-odd miles of my trek around the Pacific Northwest. By the time this posts, I’ll be done.

I know I did it — it took me 197 days— but even so I almost can’t believe I walked the equivalent of the entire 1496.5 mile (2408.4 km) distance.

Sometimes it felt like I was not making any progress at all. But here it is, at the end. And to celebrate, here’s some photos from my IRL trip there in the autumn of 2016:

That was how I ended that driving adventure, and how I’m ending this virtual walking challenge. It’s a good note to close it on.

No worries though. I have plenty more of them going on! (And you can still race me around the Ring of Kerry if you want.)

4 thoughts on “Solo mission NW: concluding in the Columbia River Gorge”

    1. The Conqueror has lots of information about it. It’s possible to set up a group to all walk together, as I have, via their app. Or to create a Team (so that all participants are adding their distances together). Or to just walk, run, bike (etc) the distances on your own. The only rules are to get a code and approach it the way that suits you best 🙂

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