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Solo mission NW: concluding in the Columbia River Gorge

I’m in the final twenty-odd miles of my trek around the Pacific Northwest. By the time this posts, I’ll be done.

I know I did it — it took me 197 days— but even so I almost can’t believe I walked the equivalent of the entire 1496.5 mile (2408.4 km) distance.

Sometimes it felt like I was not making any progress at all. But here it is, at the end. And to celebrate, here’s some photos from my IRL trip there in the autumn of 2016:

That was how I ended that driving adventure, and how I’m ending this virtual walking challenge. It’s a good note to close it on.

No worries though. I have plenty more of them going on! (And you can still race me around the Ring of Kerry if you want.)

4 thoughts on “Solo mission NW: concluding in the Columbia River Gorge”

  1. What are the rules of virtual walking challenge and how do you organise one? It sounds interesting! We planned Camino for 2021 so at least we could do it virtually 😄


    1. The Conqueror has lots of information about it. It’s possible to set up a group to all walk together, as I have, via their app. Or to create a Team (so that all participants are adding their distances together). Or to just walk, run, bike (etc) the distances on your own. The only rules are to get a code and approach it the way that suits you best 🙂

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