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Drinking problem


Ted Striker in Airplane! has a drinking problem.

Every time he tries to drink anything, he misses his mouth and throws the drink into his own face.

Today I seem to have a similar problem.

On taking my vitamins, I managed to pour lime water down my shirt and soak myself.

I am lucky that when I spilled the hot coffee later, it just ended up all over the counter and not all over me, blessedly NOT giving me third degree burns.

So we can add “liquids” to the things I should be more careful around. I already didn’t want to be anywhere near knives.

For those watching the progress on the Irish Race (what am I talking about?) I’m leading my work team but am still far behind my friend with the cute puppy icon. Wanna join? I bet you’ll beat the guys on my work team around the loop!

That (2) on the map behind me are the guys from the office. I’m sure they’ll start hitting their stride soon.