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Virtual Route 66: Tulsa

I was in Tulsa some years ago. It was freezing cold and drizzly the day I was there (by the next day it was, in fact, falling as ice), so I didn’t visit the State Fair, but spent the day at the Gilcrease and then the Philbrook Museum.

Cold weather and vague out-of-body feeling notwithstanding, I enjoyed my day in Tulsa.

So when my pedaling got me there, the mileage for the day was entered in increments so I could explore a bit.

Official Postcard

But now I’ve passed the city proper…

Which means that I’m actually covering ground I’ve driven IRL. Several years ago I took Route 66 on my day trip between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. That too turned into a nice day, all in all.

On I go!

(And no worries, I’m still stepping my way around the Ring of Kerry too! I’ll plan to give updates on that every couple of days. Meanwhile on day 1:)

(Barely) in the lead at the start. Not that it counts because it was only a test entry. 🤣