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More Moroccan food

While I’m still crossing Guinea en virtual route to Côte d’Ivoire, I’m lining up my recipes for places-to-come and trying out more recipes from places-I’ve-been.

(Been there virtually. Not IRL at this time.)

So with that in mind: back I go to the beginning, and Moroccan food. I’m giving this chicken stew a go: Chicken Stew with Sweet Potatoes and Apricots

You will note perhaps that the recipe references kale and I did not. That is because kale is not going in my version. Spinach will do the job of kale in this dish because I’m not a fan of kale.

I know, that’s a shocker, right? Me? Be finicky? 🤣

Anyway, there are a lot of seasonings in this stew. Bold flavors! Yay!

As the stew simmers in the oven, though, it’s the sweet elements that permeate the house. Sweet potatoes, apricots. It’s fragrant in the most delightful way!

Stew Complete

There’s a complexity to the flavors: hot, savory, sweet, all layered together. And there’s a mix of textures also, not even counting adding nuts (which I didn’t do on the first bowl but may try on others just to get the full experience).

In that respect it reminds me of this recipe of a quick chicken stew with ginger-turmeric rice. (Which may still be my favorite Moroccan dish so far though this one it pretty tasty too.)

A mix of textures seems to be a thing in Moroccan dishes. So I guess it comes down to the specific textures and whether they are pleasing on the palate. I wasn’t such a fan of the recipe with chickpeas. As for this one?

I like it! I liked it even more another day, over rice.

So… win!

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