Solo Mission NW: Approaching Portland

Portland is just up ahead. In a virtual world I’m just a couple more days away.

I’ve never been except for the airport, and I’d like to.

Have you been? Are you from there? What would you tell me to go see?

Another blogger I’ve been reading so long that I think of as a friend though we’ve never met, and his also-talented wife, used to live near there. IRL I’d have suggested a meet and greet.

But alas, casual meet-ups are not a thing in these days of pandemic. And also: my writer kinda-friend is no longer in the Portland area, but out in South Dakota now, with the lovely missus, living his best life.

Still, it’s a beautiful evening according to Google Street View.

Google Street View Apparently I’m catching a ride?

1 thought on “Solo Mission NW: Approaching Portland”

  1. Aww. I consider you a friend, too!

    Portland is a great place to visit (emphasize on those last two words). If you ever do go in real life – and you totally should – I’ll have a list a mile long, but if you only had half a day and could visit just one place, it would have to be Powell’s Books.

    I’ll email you my other 212 suggestions when you’ve booked your ticket. 🙂

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