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More dessert from Sierra Leone

My African Loop continues (which I can pretty much stop saying until probably sometime late in 2022), and for my arrival in Sierra Leone I decided to try a dessert and a beverage.

I didn’t really like the ginger cake; I loved the ginger beer.

I decided to try a different dessert from the region: banana akaras.

Akaras are fried foods; some of the surrounding countries make meat or bean akaras. But this recipe describes them like donuts.

Time for true confessions: I don’t like donuts. I’m not a fan of bananas. (I also don’t believe in ketchup on my French fries, as long as I’m explaining things about me that seem almost unamerican).

But you know… I can’t travel for realz right now so I’m making due, and I’m trying to take a similar spirit of adventure to this process.

So. Banana Akaras:

Banana Akara

They seemed wetter than they should have been. Which meant they were also flatter than they should have been.

But they actually are pretty tasty! But dense. Not at all donut-like.

Hard to give a rating because I was starting from so far behind the curve. Probably won’t make again. If you love bananas though – maybe give them a try?