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Virtual Strides: Break the Silence

Last year, amid all my Conqueror challenges, I fit in a charity run from Virtual Strides: the Dragonfly.

Break the Silence medal

This month I took a pause on the Cabot Trail to do a virtual half-marathon for Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence.

And then I wrapped that up so quickly that day, that I decided to do another one. This one is to support the UNCF.

Black Lives Matter challenge to support UNCF

The second one took me a good two hours longer than the first and I was feeling pretty tired and sore before I was done. But also, it felt good to put that effort toward doing some good.

They have several others I might pursue this year, just to mix things up. The Conqueror lets me challenge myself, scratch my travel itch, and feel like I’m doing good also (what with all the trees we’re planting) — but it’s nice to support some other causes too.

So watch this space for other semi-random (virtual) flotsam!

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