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Cabot Trail / Cape Breton Island

Not more than a few days before the Cabot Trail challenge was announced by The Conqueror last year, S had said she’d love to go see the Atlantic Maritimes someday.

I’ve been there. It’s beautiful. We’d totally go… if going anywhere was a thing.

So when the virtual challenge was announced, it felt so perfect. We both immediately bought codes for it.

But we were in the middle of another virtual challenge at the time. So we waited. By the time we were done with that, more new challenges were available.

Meanwhile, in much the same way that S got me hooked on these adventures, I have now spread the insanity to a long-time friend.

So when I learned he was going to do the Cabot Trail adventure next, just as S and I had finished another challenge, it felt like kismet…

Starting point of the Conqueror challenge, but from when I was there IRL in 2008

I’ve done solo challenges and team challenges, but this time it seemed like, setting up a community run – where we are all soloing the adventure but can see each other on the map – seemed like a fun thing to try.

Three markers, making a go of it!
The Conqueror postcard version
My 2008 version

I think we’re off to a great start! Wish us luck!

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