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Virtual African Loop: Sierra Leone II

I didn’t find a dinner recipe I wanted to make for this one. But then, that might partially be because I’m all chicken- or beef- stewed out.

So I went with beverages and desserts. In this case: ginger beer (like ginger ale it’s non-alcoholic, so no worries for a weekday) and ginger cake.

Ginger cake and ginger beer

So the the ginger cake… needs something . Ice cream, maybe, but I’ve sworn off that for a while. Some kind of orange drizzle perhaps?

Definitely needs Something. Definitely not birthday cake material.

Happy birthday Doo!


The ginger beer is really nice though. Would make again!

7 thoughts on “Virtual African Loop: Sierra Leone II”

  1. That ginger beer looks cool and refreshing. I’ll have to give it a try if I can find the root of ginger and a sieve!


    1. Ginger root is at the grocery store. I just peeled it and threw it in the food processor/ grinder because grating it is too exhausting. My old drip coffee maker has a metal mesh filter thing (that I also put a paper filter in when I make coffee), so just cleaned that out to make sure no coffee residue was in it, and I used it as my sieve (and the coffee maker as the hot water source). I may have to make it again because it’s nice for upset stomach (of course, because ginger)

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