@Fitbit, flotsam

A little help

I fixed lunch quickly and headed back to my desk. It was too busy a Monday – dear Lord could it still only be Monday – to linger about.

I looked quickly at my FitBit app, as I settled down to work, to find out how far I might be from my step goal. I expected to be very far behind.

But in fact, 1/3 of my steps for the day were behind me. Huh.

Oh, that’s right. We’d had all that snow and sleet. I’d been out that morning, clearing the walks. That had helped me make some step-goal progress.

So now not only would no one fall on my walk, but I wouldn’t have to pace the whole day’s worth in the evening.

So, you know. Silver linings.

I hope your day has bright spots and unexpected successes too!

Not from today: Dogsledding on Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau Alaska (aka gringita, 2008)

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