The other side of the coin

Last week I posted about how I was slacking off and way behind on my daily step goals.

(Of course I got it all done eventually. I haven’t missed a day since I got up off my couch on February 2, 2020.)

A week later, with a snowstorm burying me in (like I was going anywhere anyway) I had all my steps and my pedaling done by lunchtime.

And the problem with that is… it leaves me with permission to sit down and not move the rest of the day, if I don’t wanna.

Which means I have to count on my own wherewithal, and not My List, to provide structure to the day.

Huh. I might be out of practice.

Wish me luck?

Done by this time. Which is better than not having started but has issues of its own.

Update: interim snow removal helped fill the gaps.

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