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Virtual African Loop: Kansiyé

I have to admit, although Poulet Yassa is a traditional Guinean dish, I love the Senegalese version from Panning The Globe so much that I can’t bring myself to try a different one.

In fact, (1) I’ve already made that version again YUM! and (2) I’ll be trying other recipes from their site as I continue my trek, as well as leveraging a selection of cookbooks and other sites along the way.

But I do need to make something to mark the Guinea portion of this trek, so I’m trying this recipe for a different traditional dish from the region.

And of course, I also went looking for some music from Guinea. This time I picked a more up-to-date mix of sounds versus leaning toward traditional and folk music.

Observation: peanut butter is often an ingredient in recipes from the region. I tend to think of PB as so very American, which I must admit is kinda dumb of me because it seems likely that people have been eating and grinding nuts – in some form – since basically forever.

So there you go. Cultural blinders off in one small way.

This recipe made me nervous though. I mean: tomato sauce and peanut butter and ground cloves? Oh my!

It’s the cloves that drive a lot of the scent as it first cooks. There isn’t a lot of it in the dish, but a little goes a long way. Still, over the hour of simmering, that started to mellow as it mixed with the other flavors.

Guinea dish: Kansiyé

And the net result was actually very good. I’ll be eating it over rice for the next few days and I anticipate that like all stews, it will get even better as all the diverse flavors get to know each other.

And isn’t that an excellent lesson for life right there?

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