The start and end of the day

I work the list, starting with scripture. Currently in the psalms, which are rich to unpack, but I also always find it jarring to wade into poetry and songs after the narrative prose of the books that precede it.

Then I have a French lesson – two actually, between Duolingo and Rosetta Stone. There’s usually some kind of puzzle to wake up my brain. Coffee, of course, though that doesn’t have to be on a list; my caffeine addiction ensures that will be accomplished.

Throughout the day, there’s other things. I don’t have to write “go to work” on the list; 5 days a week that’s a given. But I am not done with the day until I’ve hit my pedaling distance (10 miles and 15 miles on alternate days), or my step goal (currently 15,000 steps, or a little over 6 miles),

(I walk my steps, always pushing, checking to see if I’m ready to bump up the daily goal to cover more ground. Even if the ground I cover is mostly wearing out the carpeting at home. I think I will not be bumping that up anytime soon.)

I even have the reminders set so my list tells me when it’s trash day, when it’s recycle day, when I am likely to need to check the battery on my Fitbit and charge it overnight.

I can work a list.

Finally the day’s To Do’s end with flossing and then recording my final distance for the day, from bed.

I used to fall asleep to comedy but now I’m listening to podcasts even then. I recently stumbled across The Bible In A Year. It’s a Catholic priest reading a few chapters and giving a little lesson.

I’m not Catholic, but I find it very soothing to close my day this way … and regardless of translation and version, a bit of scripture doesn’t seem like it can do me anything but good.

And it feels like a nice bookend to the start of my day. At both start and finish, it’s a good way to anchor myself for whatever may come.

Happy birthday Alice! 🎂

(And also Sandy C) 🎂

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