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The coaster/medal

Amid the miscellany of expected items Amazon brought from my quarterly Subscribe and Save order, was the mystery-delivery the post office has been threatening to bring me.

Not a great threat to be fair, but definitely mysterious. I was not expecting anything via USPS. When I tracked the number I could not place the source mailer city.

And that is how on a random Wednesday – when I was up to my eyes in the utter insanity that is a new year at work, and S was volunteering, busily jabbing COVID-19 vaccines into arms – I had to send her this text:

I might, to be fair.

The front of the medal looks like a cup of the popular/disgusting major brand (save your hate – there’s just more for you if I’m not having any, right?) and the reverse has a circular cork backing — to be a coaster.

S explains that, well, she knows I do like coffee. And I do walk more than a 5k in steps every day anyway. And it seemed so practical, with the coaster built in. How could she resist?


She’s very sweet but I have asked, please, that she not buy me any more medals that I’ll then have to earn. I have (hyperbolically) all the challenges in the world already going on… codes for those are of course welcome (lol) though I have a pile of them waiting too. Honestly I can’t be splitting my distances in any more directions without that becoming a new source of stress. Totally not her goal or mine!

Probably gonna end up on the medal rack, not used as a coaster. But you know… options!