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Trying to redeem the cookie fail

It’s not often that I want cookies anyway. Even less so that I want ginger snaps. But every so often, the heart wants what it wants.

The grocery delivery near me carries ginger snaps. Not brands I know, but ginger snaps even so. And I got some. And they were… okay.

There were too many of them to put up with just okay.

And while I suppose I could just throw them away, instead I went searching for something to do with them.

That effort led me to this recipe for Ginger Snap Peanut Butter Truffles.

It’s vegan and that is not my thing (thus I did not worry overmuch about whether my ingredients were or not).

And there’s notes and comments about gluten-free options…

And it’s messy as all get out. Why do we let children eat peanut butter when it’s this kind of oily sticky mess?!?


  • It was a good way to use up the ginger snaps
  • It was a great excuse to use my food processor (thanks again Sis & BIL – I don’t always mention when I use it but it’s a win every time!)

Verdict: not bad. I’m going to hope that by tomorrow when the ginger snap crumbs get a bit softened by the peanut butter and chocolate and refrigeration, they’ll be a hair less gritty and thus even better. (Update: still gritty. Also: still tasty.)

Verdict: Messy to Make. But Not Bad At All.

Happy birthday Vin!

Happy Groundhog Day, everyone else!