5 Updates – Vroom vroom

So after my car battery died and we got it jumpstarted, here are the “exciting” updates.

(Exciting used very loosely, to be fair…)

1. It turns out, I remember how to drive. That’s a relief. I do it so infrequently now that I wondered.

2. Local drivers still do not understand the concept of turn signal and I still find that irritating.

3. I’m out of practice, but not intimidated by the beltway.

4. My mom might be, but she didn’t lose her cool while riding with me.

(Literally cool. I kept the windows open. Masks on. Pandemic, yo.)

5. My car started again the next day when I went out to check on it. I drove it around, though not as far as as the prior day.

Bonus item: I took the “have to drive anyway” opportunity to drop off another loaf of homemade bread in the process.

Homemade Bread Cooling

1 thought on “5 Updates – Vroom vroom”

  1. Keep on working that car engine daily, even if just in place. 10 minutes will do. Had to laugh about your keeping the windows down. I drove my daughter to work the other day in the bad weather and I opened the window with my mask on. Great minds think alike.

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