This particular lament could describe me on a fair number of workdays.

It describes many of us after 4 years of government-by-crisis (or is it crisis-by-government?).

But no, in this case I refer to something more concrete and tangible.

My car battery is drained.

All this indoorsiness, social distancing and whatnot meant that my car rarely got run and when it did, it was usually for just a few minutes at a time.

But the weather has turned. It’s too cold for the car to sit unused for weeks on end. I should have been paying attention to it, but I wasn’t.

Today my family proposed an outdoor walk about a local park – an opportunity for me to deliver my niece’s birthday gift, which was becoming ever more belated – in the safest possible arrangement. Outdoor, masked.


My car battery is dead. Which meant I could not make it to meet up for that walk.

It will mean later they’ll pop by to give me (uh, give my car) a jump and I’ll have to circle around to get it running and probably, probably, have to think about having it serviced as it’s probably overdue.

Not my car, but too cute, right?

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