Final tally / Wall of fame

So: 2020 started out with lots of promise. I had just come off one adventure at the end of 2019, and one trip was completed in January, with others planned, paid for, anticipated.

Obviously that wasn’t meant to be. The 7-8 countries I thought I would have visited are… well still hoped for in the future. But those trips did not move into the “done” column.

But being in social isolation and self-quarantine and basically shrinking my world down to these walls for the last – well about a year now, I guess – didn’t mean that nothing got “done.”

All the medals I FINISHED in 2020
Doesn’t count the ones in progress.

All my steps, though they didn’t take me far, did lend themselves to a variety of medals.

Some were for charity; some were just for fun. Or at least to keep me occupied.

For 2021 I added pedaling to the mix, so I expect that next row to fill up too, even if (oh, please, God), things can safely open in the near future and I might get some of my steps doing, going, and seeing.

As I love to do.

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