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A literary day

As if 6 hours of the BBC production of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice were not enough…

(BTW that’s 6 hours plus the requisite please-donate-I-already-do-but-still-cannot-escape-the-pitch.)

… and while I wait for Phoebe Reads A Mystery to finish the entire book before I dive in (because I prefer to listen, and read, novels in long stretches to completion, not serialize them by chapter)…

The Great Gatsby is now in the public domain and the awesome team at Planet Money reads it to listeners.

If you missed it and are interested, you’ll find it here.

And yes, I did pace to both.


In unrelated but other beautiful literary reference, Amanda Gorman’s beautiful poem, read in her beautiful, sweet, strong voice, was a rich and memorable element in the inauguration ceremony. If you missed it, you really missed something.

So watch it, read it. ❤️