Of a Saturday

In which I wake up confused about what day it is — momentarily convinced it’s a Tuesday. Which is better than the other way around, I guess.

In which I pace my steps and pedal 20+ miles (to be divided between two separate biking challenges) while I watch an Avengers movie. Or two.

In which I will still cry for the loss of some characters in the movies. On the off chance any person alive hasn’t seen Infinity War and Endgame yet, I will not say which one(s).

In which I brown meatloaf mix to turn into both Dirty Rice and Sloppy Joe for the week.

In which the Sloppy Joe will not need any sriracha on serving because I added one habanero and two serrano peppers, plus salsa, to the standard meat, onions, bell peppers, tomato paste and chili powder.

(In which I tried to be very careful in the handling of the habanero to try to keep the capsaicin off my hands. Mixed results there.)

In which I shredded the cucumber I’ll need for tzatziki because it’s been a couple of weeks since I made that and why not?

In which the decision to make tzatziki decides me on making souvlaki this week also.

In which all the meals for the week are planned out.

In which all the steps for the day are trudged out in the basement, as usual.

In which laundry and dishes are washed.

In which it’s both a quiet and a productive day.

Jan 14 IRL: Happy birthday Sweet Pea!