flotsam, there is something wrong with me

Inauspicious beginning

It’s biological urgency that penetrates my sleep, but I roll over to look at the clock. Squinting without my glasses I can make out that it’s … Seven-thirty something.

Wait, no. It’s a work day.

I have alarms that go off at 6:15 and another that goes off in the other room at 6:45. It doesn’t seem possible that I could have gotten up and turned off that alarm and not remember. Even if I did, the 7:30 wind-up-the-workout alarm should have gone off just minutes ago.

I get up (my body is quite adamant I need to do that anyway) but I am checking the alarms as I go. Did my phone lose power overnight? Did I switch the alarms off during the holidays? They all seem to be in order…

It takes me far longer than it should, and I actually have to pull up my calendar to confirm it before it really sinks in.

It’s Saturday.

Well. Nothing like a little confusion and adrenaline to start the day, right?

Huh. 7:45, and there’s the weekend alarm. Right on cue.

I think I need some coffee.

Well maybe it will be. Later.

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