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Solo mission NW: back into Oregon

The road back to Crater Lake means crossing back across the CA-OR border.

Border line ahead

I keep plugging away at this one. I’m looking forward to circling Crater Lake when I get there, but this last little stretch hasn’t been a lot of fun.

I followed the Klamath river along this stretch, but there’s very little scenery from the road. Or at least, not if you don’t count the stretch where the Google car was stuck behind a cement truck for a few miles on a single lane, no-passing road.

Mostly the river is either so far below the road or through so much brush that there just isn’t much to see.

When I did this in real life some years ago, I took a more direct route and crossed several pretty and remote areas (I was glad Google remembered my route because I had no signal for stretches at a time), and then came into Ashland (where the Shakespeare festival is a thing) and Medford (where I stayed in a delightful B&B right on the main drag, walkable to all the wine tasting rooms in town, and slept on sheets so soft and comfortable that I actually ordered a set in the morning and am lying quite comfortably upon them as I type this tonight.)

Tag from my real-life Comphy sheets.
Very comfy. Not a paid endorsement.

Yes that was quite the long set of parentheticals.


I’ve been inching toward the California-Oregon border for what seems like forever, following the river, running west rather than north. So Ashland and Medford still lie ahead for me.

And then, of course, will be Crater Lake.

I am making my way there. It’s just a long, long way. And more so, since I didn’t plan this part of the route with speed in mind.