Into the void

If I can’t find something, and I am the only one here, and I haven’t gone anywhere – it stands to reason it’s still here in the house, right?

Especially if it’s not something valuable. No one broke in to steal a half-drunk bottle of lime water, or a 3/4 finished bottle of fizzy purple-hued fruity beverage.

When I was in college, my roommates and I called this The Void. A wormhole into which random things disappear. They re-emerge somewhere. Back then, under a bed in another dorm room across campus, perhaps.

(Surely this is what happens to odd socks!)

Anyway, either one day movers will discover a secret place where all my half-finished beverages have disappeared to (and it does seem to be mostly that, though there’s the odd bit of paperwork I misplace too).

Or maybe, somewhere out there, there’s a home in which partially- drunk beverages that everyone insists are not theirs keep showing up.

I hope it hasn’t been too annoying. But no, it’s not the kids. It was me. Sorry about that… I don’t control where The Void sends things.

Coffee not helping me locate misplaced items

3 thoughts on “Into the void”

  1. I lose track of my eyeglasses at least once a day. I’ve held off on the nerd neck strap but think it’s about time.


    1. Since I’m still in the “reading glasses” stage of things (not always-on glasses) I pretty much keep a pair of glasses in every area of the house. They are all either different colors or different shapes, so that when I stumble upon a pair, I know what part of the house they are SUPPOSED to be in, so I can return them there. All this does not prevent me from at least twice a day patting my head in search of a pair of reading glasses, only to find I have laid them somewhere. (But so far, I have not lost my eyeglasses into the void. SO FAR.)


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