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Virtual reunions

My friends from the Asia cruise on the Sapphire Princess had talked about getting together again. We hadn’t even parted when reunions were discussed, and shortly after we got home, we batted around a few possible cruise destinations to meet up again.

But… well, I don’t have to say it. We all know. COVID-19 happened.

Both T and I had cruises to Europe get cancelled. V and S (no, the other S) couldn’t visit their kids in the US, T had a grandson who is beyond adorable and she didn’t get to see him in person for ages. P, T and G have all had their travel-related careers impacted in the short term and probably to at least some extent for the next year at least. ND is currently in another country, where he used to travel often for work but now he’s kind of … well, not able to pop to and fro quite as easily.

It’s all just … really challenging.

And while S (this S) and I have been virtually running around the globe together, I couldn’t help thinking my Asia gang might also really enjoy this. Having a reason to move (for those who have been finding that challenging), getting a little team support (for those who generally move enough to put us all to shame), having a group activity for all of us, and most of all, a virtual map to explore to help scratch our travel itch.

So I offered it up, and starting this week, a few of us are over at the Virtual Movement Club (my alternate site), traveling (virtually) the Camino de Santiago with The Conqueror events.

So… it might not let me hug my friends, or see their smiles. But it’s still (kind of) a thing we can do together.

It’s something, anyway.

The challenge we’re doing. If we aren’t already done!

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