After the coup attempt

A note from real life. As many of you know, usually, I write ahead and I post on a delay, so the post I planned for today was out of joint with events here in the USA.

As I paused in my day to watch the news on the afternoon of Jan 6, I didn’t know what would happen next… but it was deeply upsetting to see the havoc that had been incited by the “leader” of this country and his continued lies about a “stolen” election.

Foundational understanding to have, for those who’ve missed it (and I’m genuinely confused how anyone hasn’t realized it, let alone still follow him enough to be led down this path): if Turnip says, “They have done / are doing an unspeakably wrong thing” you can safely understand that he means, “I have done or am trying to do that unspeakably wrong thing.”

Though if a person has already started drinking deep of the conspiracy theories he’s thriving by playing to, I don’t know how we can help break someone out of that. A steady diet of lies ruins the palate for truth.

As shots of the chaos played out and video of the speech wherein he told a “rally” he’d walk with them to the Capitol to stop the “steal” (unnecessary to note he didn’t walk with them, he scurried off to watch the chaos unfold) … and the resulting terrorism, rioting, vandalism and looting of the Capitol building, it still just felt so unfathomable.

I had to give myself a mental shake, to lift myself out of the shock and remind myself to pray for my nation, and to remember where my Hope lies.

As I went to sleep last night (this morning), we were moving back on track. I expect I’ll wake to find we’ve put this nonsense behind us. Not to forget about it, but to complete the processes that formalize the results that guide transition of power according to the will of the majority of real live American voters.

And since I really don’t have words yet for all that happened, and I’m angry it was allowed to, and I know won’t do any of that justice today, I’ll leave it there with expectations that tomorrow I will carry on with the regularly scheduled flotsam.

Survived the coup attempt. Praying for my nation, its leadership, and all those who were hurt yesterday.

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