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Something new: Virtual Route 66

Up to now, all my virtual challenges have been pursued by counting my steps. I’ve essentially walked them all.

But since the only way I can complete the Africa Loop in the 3-year limit for a solo mission is to add in pedaling, why not add a challenge that is based entirely on those miles?

And what would be more suited to a biked challenge than Route 66?

Starting street view: Chicago

It may take me most of the year to pedal the 2280 miles of this challenge – but we’ll see.

Launch postcard

Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Something new: Virtual Route 66”

  1. Wow. You are such the bomb. Riding your bike under your desk along Route 66. You go, girl, Good Luck. Call me when you get to Santa Monica pier so I can fly out there with a bottle of Beaujolais to celebrate as we look over the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

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    1. The Conqueror challenges work via any way you want to do them; treadmill, bike, rowing machine elliptical, etc. I do most of them via “steps” distances but now that I can do spinning I pedal some of them too.


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