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Solo mission impossible (but maybe possible): Senegal

My virtual trek has taken me to Senegal. Not only is that a delightful bit of progress… it’s also the first place I’ve reached where Google Street View is widely available.

(To be honest, while there were occasionally beautiful photos available in Morocco, Western Sahara and Mauritania, a lot of the landscape would have just seemed like unbroken desert.)

Border crossing: Senegal
It’s not perhaps the most exciting scenery
here but any is so great!

By the time I reach Kébémer, the town views include people. And it’s so nice to see people. People walking on open streets. Going about their day. I don’t know when the images were captured but apparently pre-pandemic. And it’s so delightful to see!

(Oh soon, soon. Let’s all hang in there and keep ourselves and each other safe, okay? We’re almost there.)