A good start

My friend S is a professor and a nurse. She’s also a volunteer.

Habitat for Humanity might not have been the thing in this last year, for her. You know: Pandemic and all.

But she volunteered at the local COVID-19 testing hotline (giving out info on where people from their town could get a test and more information and coordinating testing appointments).

And now she’s putting her nursing background to good use, helping to distribute the vaccine by giving shots. They put out the call and she answered, as their community (like so many others) can’t afford to pull medical teams away from wards where they are caring for COVID patients. So those in other types of practices who can help are needed in many places.

Of course that also means she’s been vaccinated, as well. Well, she’s had her first dose, anyway.

I am just old enough and just healthy enough and just insulated enough that I’m probably not going to see a vaccine until pretty far into this year. But if my parents can, and my nieces can, and my more-likely-to-be-exposed friends can, I can wait.

Patience is a virtue.

It’s not usually one of my virtues, but it is a virtue.

There are vaccines. If we protect one another just a little longer, we could see the end of this.

And that makes for a good start, I think.

Praying for good things to come.
From our trip to France in Jan 2020

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