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Solo mission NW: Redwood Forest

Once I reached the California border, it wasn’t far until I was in amid the redwood forests.

I remember when I did this trip IRL a few years back. I remember how amazing those trees were, and how challenging it is to get a picture that gives any sense of the scale. My rental car dwarfed beside a tree far wider than it’s length, perhaps. But in the gloomy light of the forest that wasn’t happening.

Google Street View helped me capture
the heights at least

I really only drove as far south as this stop, because I only had so much time and I needed to head north, with Crater Lake on my mind.


California redwood forests were as hard hit as any in the fires this last year. [listen: This American Life podcast episode]

The views today may be quite different. Google Street View shots are watermarked 2019 so I’m not sure how devastated the area might be.

But it was lovely. May it yet be.

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