creation bears His fingerprints, faith, flotsam

December 26

One day after Christmas.

One year after I watched an annular eclipse at sea.

The solar eclipse before it was full… G tried and tried to get us pics of this wonder. I was right behind him. Vivi was beside me. Trudy and Suzanne and Patricia just down the deck a bit. ND we caught up with later.

Whatever I imagined the coming year would hold as I stared up at that sky — thankful and awestruck (in a way I can still reach out and capture) for this chance to see more of the beauty of the Creator in creation, and the joy of being surrounded by new-found friends — whatever I imagined this year would be, it looked nothing like the reality.

I enjoyed that trip so immensely and have such joy in that moment and those friends.

Even so, I missed my family and our Christmas traditions. I thought I would never spend another Christmas “away” from them.

In fact, most of this year we have been “away” though we’re scant miles apart.

Many are the plans of men.

This has been a hard year. There have been bright spots in it – God is good, all the time – though so much has been trying and wearing.

On the horizon is a new year. It will start, most likely, rather darkly on so many fronts. May we strive together to find the light, and the Light. In the world, in our hearts, in one another.

In due time, we’ll make plans.

Eventually it will not be momentous to see one another casually.

May we always remember that it’s precious.

It may not always be insurmountable to go and see this lovely world and the dear people in it.

May we not forget to treasure those chances.

In this holiday season… I have hope.


Thank you, Jesus.