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Assigning homework

A handful of friends are trying out virtual challenges.

Two are trying the Inca Trail, and one is trying Mt Fuji.

I’m creating new addicts! Bwa ha ha ha!

(Ok. Or not. Maybe I’m just assigning homework to friends?)

No, seriously. I really do hope they enjoy them but I realize there may be a few hindrances along the way.

Here’s what I have heard so far:

  • The app is a love or hate thing. (Personally I hated it and went back to the web site on a computer or phone browser.) Apparently I’m not the only one who felt this way, and some people find it actually undermines their experience. That’s a downer.

They must know that though, because they have announced a new app coming soon. I’m in the beta and it’s already better.

  • Auto-sync to Fitbit seems buggy. That might be on the MVM side or the Fitbit side. (It’s unclear and may be a combo for all I know.) It seems to relate to time zones and daylight savings. Or not. It either doesn’t sync at all or syncs only a fraction of the distance. (My take-away: Don’t fight it; manual entry works fine.)

I have a Fitbit, but I just manually enter my distances every day, so I don’t have to deal with this issue. Anyway from my browser I jump into the map right after I enter my distances because that’s the most fun part. (Or maybe the postcards are the most fun part. Or maybe the trees planted. Or maybe the medals at the end. I can’t decide.)

If you’ve tried one of these challenges, what worked well for you? What didn’t?

3 thoughts on “Assigning homework”

  1. I love the My Virtual Challenge challenge, but the corresponding phone app does not work with my FitBit. So I can’t simply synch and update mileage. However, I have no problem updating my steps manually on the MVC website and checking out the maps. On balance, this is a great thing and I love it.

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  2. One more nuance discovered… you have to cross the finish line, not just “reach” it. So you’re not done at exactly 26.2 miles for a marathon… you need to enter another incremental distance. (26.3, for example). Usually I just enter a whole day to one challenge but I was switching between two and discovered that issue.

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