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All the Fridays

We can only carry over so many vacation days at the end of the year. Even though vacation wasn’t really a thing for most of this year, so “taking” time off seemed kind of pointless.

So I took the short weeks at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And then I took all the Fridays from Thanksgiving on.

That, along with the vacation I had in January, and the random days over the summer, gets me down to the max carry over for the year.

Because on principle I do not believe in giving back vacation days. That’s part of my benefits. They don’t get to take back my unspent salary, and they don’t get to take back the days I don’t use either. (Well they can, I just don’t allow it, if I can help it. It does sometimes happen that I run out of year before I get my days in, but I try to make that the exception.)

That’s not to say I don’t actually work on these days BTW. COVID being COVID, I’m not gone. I am accessible, and I’ll help out my team when needed.

But it’s still nice to have a little time off (ish).

I hope next year I might be able to use my time off… differently. Going and seeing, for instance.

As of yesterday I hit 500 followers. Thank you all for being here! And this is post 350 for the year. If you’ve been here all the way so far, I applaud your stamina!