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Recalling Ireland

Aside from the day I couldn’t bear to be on the bus and thus tried to sleep the whole day (alas, missing lovely views of the Irish countryside) I had a delightful time on my tour of Ireland.

From my visit to Dublin

I met a wonderful couple: Robin and Stella, from Canada. I still smile to remember them.

And so while I scout out some more African recipes to do with that virtual adventure, I’m cooking to recall this IRL voyage.

To that end: Guinness Stew, home baked bread, and perhaps even an Irish coffee on the agenda (we’ll see about that).

I actually had to order alcohol in order to have the Guinness for the stew and beer for the bread and the whiskey that might one day be in an Irish coffee or apple cider (I went with apple for apple cider). I don’t drink beer (much less Guinness) or whiskey.

But apparently I’ll eat either one.

The beef stew is definitely not my mothers recipe (which is awesome). But it wasn’t supposed to be, I remind myself.

Still, it’s velvety and flavorful and different. Almost pleasing enough to make up for the small incident with my peeler. (Ouch. Still hurts a week later.)

And it will mean days of beef dishes to break the monotony of all the chicken I’ve been eating lately.

Upsides, right?

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