Team holidays just got harder

I’ve been part of my team for 5 years now.

That’s hard to even fathom.

Their long-standing holiday tradition included a lunch at a local Mexican place near the office in NYC with guacamole made fresh at the table and a pitcher of either margaritas or sangria.

I was able to be there in person a couple of years. It was great!

But mostly, being several hours away, I wouldn’t make the holiday outing. I would make sure to bring a little something-something for the guys when I came up though. My “traditional” gift would be a couple of bottles of wine each (there’s only 3 of us) – 1 red and 1 white – from a local winery down here.

Basically, at some point in the year I’d go to a wine tasting somewhere here, decide what I liked, and pick up a few bottles, then trek them up to NJ, to the train, to Penn Station NY, and schlep them across the city to the office.

Always a hit!

On the years that the travel budget didn’t allow for my visit or the weather didn’t support a long trek, I would have wine shipped up to the guys, c/o my boss, at the office.

Well, you can just see the challenges this year presents.

  • There were no visits to new local wineries, to discover wines to get them.
  • The guys are not in the office for me to ship wine to them there, even if I knew what to send this year.

You know I will figure something out – it’s just that it requires digital delivery as home addresses are not being exchanged.

(The guys actually know each other’s’ addresses because they’ve worked together for years longer and are local and all but as odd-woman-out I’ll have to be creative.)

Well why should anything about this year NOT be a challenge that requires creativity?

Sigh. 2020.

From when I went to Iceland Dec 2016