I suppose the exciting news is that I put gas in my car.

Not my car — or even my country

That shouldn’t be news, really, but I haven’t commuted and therefore haven’t needed to fill the tank since March 12.

But, well, you know. Months of 2-minute excursions for outdoor gatherings or what have you… it was time. I was down to a quarter tank. Which I probably would have let ride, but for the oncoming winter.

I miss having someone else pump my gas. Oh New Jersey, you deserve more love than you get!

Me, every time I think about going out for gas

So anyway, gas needed to be achieved. And because Amazon made some boo-boos, I also needed to drop something at the local Postman Plus.

That is not a mistake I’ll be making again. To recap the failures:

A face shield is not a mask.

Also: Not every exchange needs to involve this much conversation. There’s a pandemic on. Keep your aerosolized droplets to yourself!

Anyway… I guess I can now return to my regularly scheduled self-quarantine.

How’s everything there?

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  1. I was never good at pumping gas, so I realize I must stay in NJ. I’ve got some face shields, which I haven’t used yet.


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