Less than smooth

Due to pandemic I am of course doing a lot of online shopping this holiday season.

(No for realz I generally do a lot of that every Christmas anyway.)

And mostly it goes pretty smoothly.

Amazon for instance recently delivered a bunch of stuff a day early. Cool!

Of course, they piled everything up in front of my door. My door that swings out to open.


And then once I forced my way out, I went through everything that arrived and there was one item that… was a mystery.

I did not order a Christmas sweater.

There is no paperwork in the box. No labels. No gift tag. Nothing.

But something I did order and they say was delivered is missing.

Um… that is decidedly not this.

What the actual heck ???
This is not what I ordered for my niece.
It’s not even the right category.

Well. Returns are also a thing. It wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t have to deal with at least one, right?