I woke up early Sunday. Like, even for a workday it would be early. Dreams set in jobs I hadn’t had in years, or at least with people I hadn’t worked with in years. Weird crisscross dreamscapes that made no sense.

Software people at insurer buildings in former neighborhood settings… and did we accidentally kidnap someone’s child? What?

I woke up (thank heavens because that dream was too crazy) and I read my scripture and did my Duolingo – basically I started working the daily list.

The daily list was broken. Items were just… gone.

So I fixed the list and then checked off the items already completed for the day and then…

Well then, I was ready to sleep again.

I woke up in time to make coffee and attend online church.

And update my spreadsheet where I track all my virtual challenges, because that’s how I roll.

And before I knew it, it was after noon and I had less than a mile’s worth of steps recorded. (My daily goal is to get at least 5 miles’ worth of steps.)

Apparently this day of rest thing was being taken all too literally that Sunday.

Up. UP!

I can’t be a slacker all day.

I won’t get to my goal of 2020 miles this year
if I just SIT here.