Holiday decor

A funny thing happened in my house during this pandemic. My life shifted. Like, physically, in space.

I am mostly doing one of the following:

  • Sleeping (upstairs)
  • Working (in my home office, upstairs)
  • Getting my steps (downstairs)
  • Cooking something (main level)
  • Doing laundry (downstairs)

What I am doing almost none of anymore, is watching TV on the main level/ living room.

And because I am spending the majority of my time either downstairs or upstairs, I’m not decorating the main level as much this year. Mostly I’m decorating the lower level.


That’s a switch. Most years I’d mostly do the main level and then just a little downstairs here and there. This year, the opposite.

But really… why wouldn’t I just decorate the place I really do the living in?

That’s how I see it any way.


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