experiments in cooking

How it really went

After I popped the strudel into the oven, I took the pictures of my Thanksgiving feast, and I made myself a plate.

Then I made up 3 other plates into single-serving containers and put them in the fridge.

I took the rest of the meat off the bird and shredded it for pot pie later on. (But in a last-minute change up, I actually ended up using it in fajitas.)

I packed up the rest of the stuffing, because I made way too much.

I took the strudel out of the oven to cool.

I cleaned the counters and loaded the stray items into the dishwasher.

THEN, I microwaved my plate because I hadn’t eaten any of it.

I mixed everything on my plate together into a visually unappealing but delicious mash, just like I tend to do with turkey. (Which I am usually kind of trying to hide. I guess now it’s tradition.)

I drank three sips of the wine and it was enough, so I put it back in the fridge for “later.”

I ate my piece of strudel and put the rest in the fridge.

And then I went to get my steps and whatnot, because the insanity doesn’t stop just because I want to sink into a food coma.

Well it was pretty to start

Successful swaps for 2020:

  • Chicken for turkey
  • Roasted vegetables for mashed potatoes
  • Cranberry wine for cranberry sauce
  • Apple strudel for apple pie

Less successful was swapping “just me” for the whole family.

But, one quiet Thanksgiving is okay, especially if it puts us all in better shape in a post-COVID future.

One hopes.