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Virtual return to Iceland

We considered the virtual adventures based in New Zealand and Australia next. (Mt Fuji hadn’t been released yet.)

It will be summer down there to our winter, and Ocean Road promises water views. S likes water views.

But both Ocean Road (NZ) and Alps to Ocean (AU) are still having their postcard feature added. And sure, they’ll probably be there by year end, but we love those so we can wait to jump in. There’s plenty more challenges we haven’t been on, and a few we expressly bought codes for!

So… we decided on another island nation to get us started. I’m returning to Iceland – virtually!

First postcard as we depart

Just poking around the virtual map of Reykjavik is fun because (a) there’s so much there that has photos and (b) I saw a lot of this when I went there IRL with Gate1. So for me it’s both a new virtual adventure, and at least for this part, a walk down memory lane.

And it’s delightful.

From my IRL visit to the Blue Lagoon Dec 2017
(shot through tinted glass)
Having a great time with S – thinking often of Diane and Mike and the gang from my tour.
(From my IRL visit. Shot outside the Blue Lagoon. No filters.)