flotsam, there is something wrong with me

A week of Fridays

I started every day last week feeling like, at least it’s Friday.

I was right once, of course.

It would start when I woke – a vague Friday vibe with a sense of uncertainty – but it would continue all day. Even after I’d assured myself of the actual day. Which of course was mostly not Friday.

And the odd thing is that every workday had that same Friday feel, all day. Hoping nothing comes in last minute. Trying to get everything done before the end of the day (the weekend that wasn’t).

I mean that happens. Probably everyone has had a day that they woke up thinking it was a different day.

It’s just… discombobulating not to be able to shake that feeling, and to have it over and over.

But here it is. An actual Friday. Probably for some, a Friday that feels like Sunday. For some, a workday. For some, a shopping day.

Ah, Friday!

Sending you light and love, whatever this Friday holds for you.

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