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Solo mission impossible: Western Sahara at last

I finally “reached” the next country on my trek.

I’m not even going to say how far behind the pace marker I am. That’s not a cheery way to look at it. A border was crossed, albeit virtually.

In other news, TheConqueror virtual events is doing a giveaway. November 25 is the last day. Enter here!

I get 5 more entries if you do also, so thanks!

And for what it’s worth – and of course it isn’t worth much – the pace marker is still in Western Sahara too.

Border. Crossed. Finally.

I’m calling that a win.

And I’m calling this a post.

Loose definitions.

I still don’t have any Western Sahara recipes lined up to try. But considering this post will go up the week of Thanksgiving in the USA, I guess I have some time before that will be a need.