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Thanksgiving prep

Shhh… don’t tell anyone, but I’m not a big fan of turkey.

Don’t get me wrong, my mom makes a great one every year – about as good as you can hope for.

But turkey isn’t my favorite form of poultry. And since COVID-19 means I’m giving my thanks and making my meal solo, I’m not having turkey.

I’ll be making a chicken.

And that means, as I look ahead to what day this will post, that I need to get it thawed out, so I can get it prepped and discard the nasty bag of innards (if you use it for gravy or what have you, more power to you, but that will not be me.)

I’ll also need to thaw out some sausage for the stuffing, so I can cook that ahead.

If you’re gonna be cooking something for the holiday that needs thawing, the bigger it is the longer it takes. If you didn’t already move it from freezer to fridge you might need to!

I probably won’t bother with the whole hoopla – I don’t need mashed potatoes AND stuffing, for instance. And though I really like green bean casserole I don’t know if I’ll make it or not.

Well, we’ll see. Days to go until the holiday. There’s still time to decide.

(Days have passed: I think I will)

I probably will make apple strudel instead of pie. Because I’m the strudel gal, thanks to America’s Test Kitchen, while I cannot hope to hold a candle to my sister’s apple PIE. She is the undisputed apple pie queen in our family.

Dang, I miss being able to spend time with my family!

But I want us all safe, well, healthy, and together … God willing … next year.