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One way in which 2020 is just like any other year

It is late November and I am totally unprepared for there to be a major holiday. Mentally I cannot put my head in that space at all.

In that respect, it could be virtually any year of my adult life.

Because it is 2020, and because COVID-19 is rampant, and because I love my family enough to want us all to be together next year (dear God please) for the holiday, I don’t expect to be getting together with my family for the holidays.

So 2020 is different in that way.

And of course because COVID is rampant, stores are unlikely to be a smart place to spend time browsing (if they are even open soon) and the postal service has been hamstrung and we should probably expect to see major retailer warehouses in different locations to have intermittent service interruptions because of the outbreaks. Their staff needs to be protected too.

So planning ahead is needed and again – I’m mentally unprepared for this.

It will be a strange holiday season in other ways. Thanksgiving will already be separate celebrations – not gathering as a family will feel very strange.

We are physically close enough that I hope – God willing, if we all stay well – to be able to drive over and drop off Christmas gifts and hug each other (quickly, outdoors, and with masks on).

In one sense that will be a disappointment to be apart in this way. But I know that’s still a lot more than a lot of people will be able to do, and so I will choose to be thankful in the face of it.

Probably we’ll do Zoom gift opening.

Which I suppose suggests gifts will be there to be exchanged.

Huh. I guess I better start thinking creatively.

Ho Ho Ho !

2 thoughts on “One way in which 2020 is just like any other year”

  1. This one is really going to be different. It will be the first time in my life that I won’t see my Momma on Christmas day. With our immune systems, we just can’t take that chance. But to miss one holiday to insure we have the chance to have future one , makes it worth it. Now if I could only talk her through on the phone how to video chat……. 🤔 (((Hugs)))

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  2. It’s been just me and Tara for Thanksgiving ever since we moved to SD, so at least it won’t feel too different for us. I actually do not miss hosting the holiday for a million people…that was always such work.

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