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Virtual mission impossible: more Moroccan dishes tried

I’m still doing what I can to bring my Africa trek to life.

So I gave this set of recipes a try.

I’ve already established that I’m more a white-meat chicken gal. But especially not thighs. I love fried chicken, for example – but not thighs. I’d choose wings or breasts any day of the week and can enjoy the occasional leg, but not thighs. I dunno why. Maybe it’s that the food-to-bone ratio is annoying – it hardly seems worth it. (Yeah I know. I just said I like wings. Finicky has its own logic.)

But hey, I’ll give this a try. Boneless thighs should be less hassle, anyway.

I’m also not usually up for raisins-in-savory-foods. But I figured it would be better to try it “right” once and then worry about future adjustments.

Also I thought I might make the Moroccan sweet potatoes again too, on the side.

So anyway…

I prepped all the ingredients for the stew at lunchtime and then stowed them in the fridge to make it easy to cook for dinner.

Except I needed my steps for the day first (because I am borderline obsessed with completing my daily goals) so I didn’t get started cooking until later than intended.

Like, much later. I hadn’t had a morning workout so…

I did finally get the stew stewing, and the rice simmering, and everything was 10 minutes to done when I realized a few things:

  • I had forgotten to get the sweet potato started
  • It was already past my (admittedly early) bedtime
  • I was no longer really hungry

So dinner actually consisted of ice cream and cleanup and packing of meals into single servings…

Single-serving dishes prepared

I did sample the dishes though. I found the rice surprisingly bland despite all that fresh garlic and ginger — and of course all the bright color— but the stew is very flavorful.

I left making of sweet potatoes and actual eating of the dishes for the next day.

Raisins/almonds added to rice and sweet potatoes on the side. That’s hard to tell because everything else is so colorful that the additions get lost visually.

The Verdict

Eaten plain, the rice needs the almonds and raisins.

Mixed in with the stew, it’s all very good: will make again.

And the sweet potatoes (also colorful!) are just a great mix of salty-sweet-savory to go with it.

I will say that I’m a food-texture person. There are a lot of textures going on here. It took a minute to wrap my head around it once I mixed things together and started eating. It’s almost – almost but not quite – too much for me. So your mileage may vary, if you’re also a food-texture person.

If you’re not, then you have no idea what I mean and don’t need to worry about it. 😁

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