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Virtual UK: Final stretch

It’s been a fun journey, all of us ladies adding up our daily distances to step our way collectively across the UK.

One week ago: Less than 40 miles remaining

We’re in the last stretch now. It’s beautiful if increasingly sparse country, as we head north.

I can almost hear the wind, feel the nip in the air.

Along the route are farms, the ever-present sheep, occasionally horses and cows dot the countryside as the Google car passed by.

Once in a while we pass through a town, glimpsing the local parish church.

Perhaps a pop in to pray at Thrumster Church would be in order.

Obviously as I was putting in my miles, I didn’t include any of the marathons I walked, both because I don’t want to double-dip distances toward multiple goals (unless the goal was meant to be a cumulative one for me), and because I didn’t want us jumping by too much distance at once. It’s too much fun, together.

None of us wants it to end.

That said, getting our medals, and having a bunch of trees planted on behalf of the group of us reaching that last goal – these will be good things too.

(I kind of love that if we finish this in the next few weeks we could all have our medals in time for Christmas (or the holiday they individually celebrate if that’s not Christmas – the point is, it’s a gift we are all sharing after this adventure).

That said, as we’ve gotten closer, I’ve stopped posting my miles to this adventure. If I hadn’t, it would have ended already, since I do at least 5 miles a day. But I don’t want to be the one that puts us over the finish line.

Unfortunately it seems like everyone has decided to slow down. But I will be so thrilled to see the others get us there! I cheer every day for the progress we make. We are moving forward, and I’m glad.

We will soon finish, as we began… together.

It won’t be long now.

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