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Virtual mission impossible: approaching Western Sahara

I’m still in Morocco but fast approaching (ok, slowly approaching) the border of Western Sahara on my virtual trek around Africa.

Because I’m staying close to the coastline of Western Sahara, it turns out that all of my route keeps me in the disputed territory that Morocco claims, rather than the Free Zone.

So, you know… Already learning stuff.

Also I’m still cooking regional dishes. While I seek out some Western Sahara dishes (which will probably mean some excursions into seafood, and perhaps some lamb – since camel and goat are not likely to be found in my local grocery store, and it might not come as a big surprise that a country called Western Sahara is largely desert), I tried Moroccan Sweet Potatoes.

I adjusted the recipe to use Ras El Hanout, turmeric, cayenne and sea salt. Sweet, savory and salty all at once – so good!

If you have great recipes for any of the countries I’ll be passing through on this virtual journey, please leave a comment / drop me a link! I would love to give them a try.

My route – a long way to go!

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