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Solo mission NW: Virtual Tillamook

In 2016 I stopped at Rockaway Beach and then went on to Oceanside for a quick lunch stop that overlooked the ocean, and therefore bypassing Tillamook — always favoring the coastline along my route south.

I knew Tillamook was famous for cheese — but I wasn’t much for cheese and so I didn’t prioritize a stop at the creamery. The coastline was absorbing and beautiful (as I may have mentioned). I simply couldn’t tear myself away.

But virtually, why not? So this trip includes Tillamook on the route.

My local Giant Delivers (formerly Peapod) carries Tillamook cheese (it is quite nice – I’ve used it to make pizza) and – better stillice cream.

Their Oregon Strawberry and Mudslide flavors are also just delightful. I bet others are also but I can attest to those personally.

So, you know…. Over here making the virtual experience real!


(Why yes, ice cream is one of my more delicious but less effective coping mechanisms, why do you ask?)

Seriously though… Like wildfires weren’t enough, winter storms are in the forecast for the area IRL. Be safe out there, folks!

4 thoughts on “Solo mission NW: Virtual Tillamook”

  1. We drove through the Tillamook forest on our way to Oceanside and beyond. That forest has one of the most scenic roads. It certainly is one of the more beautiful parts of what I’ve seen of this country. I think highway 1 is the one that runs along the ocean as well. We drove that up to Seattle. Pretty unforgettable trip.

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  2. Ahh, but you should have checked out the cheese factory. It’s pretty cool to see, and they have something like 40+ flavors of ice cream…stuff you can’t find in any store. Definitely worth a stop if you’re ever there again! And right down the street, Blue Heron Creamery has a great selection of cheese, wine, mustard, jam, dips, candy, and a lot more. I do miss Tillamook!

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